Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
assembler_0_cThis is an assembler class
assembler_1_cThis class is an assembler class
assembler_cThe assembler
assembler_cbThe callback class used to return found assemblies to the caller
assembly_cThis class contains the assembly for a puzzle
bitfield_c< bits >This is a fast class to have a bit vector with a constant number of bits the number it dependend on the template parameter
countingNodeHashHastable like nodeHash with the additional feature of scanning through all elements
countingNodeHash::countingNodeHash::hashNodeHash node data structur
disasmToMoves_cThis class takes a disassembly tree and generates piecepositions for all pieces at each step of disassembly
disassembler_0_cThis class is a disassembler especially tuned for simple analysis
disassembler_a_cThis class is a baseclass for disassemblers
disassembler_cBase class for a disassembler
disassemblerNode_cThe node structure used by the disassembler
disassembly_cDisassembly is a common base class for the separation and separationInfo classes
fixedPositions_cPiece position class with fixed positions
gridType_cThis class encapsulates all information required to handle the different grid types
group_cInternal class of problem storing the grouping information of a shape
grouping_cSolves the grouping problem
mirrorInfo_cThis class contains mirror information for a given problem
mirrorInfo_c::mirrorInfo_c::entryStructure containing mirror information for one piece pair
movementAnalysator_cThis class is can do analysation of movements within a puzzle
movementCache_0_cMovement cache for the cube grid
movementCache_1_cMovement cache for the triangle grid
movementCache_cCalculates and stores the information required for movement analysis
movementCache_c::movementCache_c::moEntryValues are saved within a hash table, this is the entry for the table for the movement data
nodeHashThis is a hashtable that stores disassemblerNode_c pointer
part_cInternal class of problem storing the information attatched to a piece in a problem
piecePositions_cThis is an abstract class used to define piece positions
placement_cThis class contains the information for the placement of one piece within the assembly
problem_cThis class defines a problem,
puzzle_cThis class defines the puzzle
separation_cA list of states that lead to a separation of the puzzle into 2 parts
separationInfo_cThis class is used to store the complexity of a disassembly
solution_cThis class stores the information for one solution for a problem
state_cDefines one step in the separation process
stlException_cThis class gets thrown when something in the export went wrong
stlExporter_0_cStl exporter for cubes
stlExporter_2_cStl exporter for spheres
symmetries_0_cThis is the symmetries class for cubes and cube based grids (like rhombic)
symmetries_1_cThis is the symmetries class for triangles
symmetries_2_cThis is the symmetries class for spheres
symmetries_cThis class contains all kinds of functions to handle symmetry groups
voxel_0_cVoxel space class for cube based grids
voxel_1_cVoxel class for the triangle grid
voxel_2_cVoxel class for the sphere grid
voxel_3_cVoxel class for the rhombic grid
voxel_4_cVoxel space class for tetra-octa grid
voxel_cThis class handles one voxel space
voxelTable_cThis class is a table containing references to voxelspaces
voxelTable_c::voxelTable_c::hashNodeHash tabel entry
voxelTablePuzzle_cConvenient class that already provides findSpace for a shape list in puzzle_c
xmlParser_cA simple, pull based XML parser
xmlParserException_cThis class is thriown by the xml parser
xmlWriter_cSimple class for xml file generation
xmlWriterException_cThis exception is thrown by xmlWriter_c, when it is used in a wrong way

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