The BurrTools Library documentation



This documentation tries to achieve two goals: it tries to explain how to use the BurrTools Library and it also explains the algorithms used and generally how things are implemented and done inside the library.

I hope this will help everyone to understand the inner workings of this complex piece of software.

To get started it is best to begin reading the userguide. This document will explain basic concepts of the whole software, even though this is done in a GUI centric way. Next read the information for the voxel voxel_c classes. Then continue to the assembly assembly_c. The assemblers assembler_c are probably not necessary to read. They contain too much complicated stuff. Then read the disassembly disassembly_c class documentation. Finally the grid type gridType_c class will glue things together.

You should now be able to use the library.

If you want to understand how things work you will need to read the documentation for the assembler assembler_c and disassembler disassembler_c classses.

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