disassembler_0_c Class Reference

This class is a disassembler especially tuned for simple analysis. More...

#include <disassembler_0.h>

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Public Member Functions

 disassembler_0_c (const problem_c *puz)
 ~disassembler_0_c ()

Private Member Functions

separation_cdisassemble_rec (const std::vector< unsigned int > &pieces, disassemblerNode_c *start)
 The real disassembly routine.
 disassembler_0_c (const disassembler_0_c &)
void operator= (const disassembler_0_c &)

Detailed Description

This class is a disassembler especially tuned for simple analysis.

All involved steps are of size one. This enables us to use a simple tree search instead of A* which would normally be required for a graph search

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

disassembler_0_c::disassembler_0_c ( const problem_c puz  )  [inline]

disassembler_0_c::~disassembler_0_c (  )  [inline]

disassembler_0_c::disassembler_0_c ( const disassembler_0_c  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

separation_c * disassembler_0_c::disassemble_rec ( const std::vector< unsigned int > &  pieces,
disassemblerNode_c start 
) [private, virtual]

The real disassembly routine.

It separates the puzzle into 2 parts and gets called recursively with each subpart to disassemble

the return is the disassembly tree for that part

pieces contains the names of all the pieces that are still inside the subpuzzle puzzle, start defines the starting position of these pieces

Implements disassembler_a_c.

References disassembler_a_c::checkSubproblems(), nodeHash::clear(), disassemblerNode_c::decRefCount(), disassembler_a_c::find(), disassembler_a_c::init_find(), nodeHash::insert(), and disassemblerNode_c::is_separation().

void disassembler_0_c::operator= ( const disassembler_0_c  )  [private]

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