countingNodeHash::countingNodeHash::hashNode Struct Reference

hash node data structur More...

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List of all members.

Public Attributes

 the data of the node
 next entry in the bucket list
 the next entry of the all element link list

Detailed Description

hash node data structur

this hash table is non intrusive, it stores a pointer to the disassembler node.

This is more suitable here because the nodes normally live only a short time inside this table, while they stay for a very long time in the other table

Member Data Documentation

disassemblerNode_c* countingNodeHash::countingNodeHash::hashNode::dat

hashNode* countingNodeHash::countingNodeHash::hashNode::link

the next entry of the all element link list

Referenced by countingNodeHash::clear(), countingNodeHash::insert(), and countingNodeHash::nextScan().

hashNode* countingNodeHash::countingNodeHash::hashNode::next

next entry in the bucket list

Referenced by countingNodeHash::insert().

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