mirrorInfo_c Class Reference

this class contains mirror information for a given problem. More...

#include <assembly.h>

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struct  entry
 structure containing mirror information for one piece pair More...

Public Member Functions

 mirrorInfo_c (void)
void addPieces (unsigned int p1, unsigned int p2, unsigned char trans)
 adds a pair of pieces that are mirrors or one another.
bool getPieceInfo (unsigned int p, unsigned int *p_out, unsigned char *trans) const
 returns the piece information for piece p.

Private Member Functions

 mirrorInfo_c (const mirrorInfo_c &)
void operator= (const mirrorInfo_c &)

Private Attributes

std::vector< entryentries
 the mirror pairs

Detailed Description

this class contains mirror information for a given problem.

this means it contains pairs of pieces that are mirror shapes of one another and how one piece is transformed into the other

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mirrorInfo_c::mirrorInfo_c ( void   )  [inline]

mirrorInfo_c::mirrorInfo_c ( const mirrorInfo_c  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

void mirrorInfo_c::addPieces ( unsigned int  p1,
unsigned int  p2,
unsigned char  trans 

adds a pair of pieces that are mirrors or one another.

trans transforms the first piece into the 2nd

References entries, mirrorInfo_c::mirrorInfo_c::entry::pc1, mirrorInfo_c::mirrorInfo_c::entry::pc2, and mirrorInfo_c::mirrorInfo_c::entry::trans.

Referenced by assembler_1_c::prepare(), and assembler_0_c::prepare().

bool mirrorInfo_c::getPieceInfo ( unsigned int  p,
unsigned int *  p_out,
unsigned char *  trans 
) const

returns the piece information for piece p.

p_out and trans contains the attached info returns only true, when valid entry was found

References entries.

Referenced by assembly_c::transform().

void mirrorInfo_c::operator= ( const mirrorInfo_c  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<entry> mirrorInfo_c::entries [private]

the mirror pairs

Referenced by addPieces(), and getPieceInfo().

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