puzzle_c Member List

This is the complete list of members for puzzle_c, including all inherited members.

addColor(unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b)puzzle_c
addProblem(const problem_c *prob)puzzle_c
addShape(voxel_c *p)puzzle_c
addShape(unsigned int sx, unsigned int sy, unsigned int sz)puzzle_c
changeColor(unsigned int idx, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b)puzzle_c
colorNumber(void) const puzzle_c [inline]
colorspuzzle_c [private]
commentpuzzle_c [private]
commentPopuppuzzle_c [private]
exchangeProblem(unsigned int p1, unsigned int p2)puzzle_c
exchangeShape(unsigned int s1, unsigned int s2)puzzle_c
getColor(unsigned int idx, unsigned char *r, unsigned char *g, unsigned char *b) const puzzle_c
getComment(void) const puzzle_c [inline]
getCommentPopup(void) const puzzle_c [inline]
getGridType(void) const puzzle_c [inline]
getGridType(void)puzzle_c [inline]
getProblem(unsigned int p) const puzzle_c [inline]
getProblem(unsigned int p)puzzle_c [inline]
getShape(unsigned int idx) const puzzle_c [inline]
getShape(unsigned int idx)puzzle_c [inline]
gtpuzzle_c [private]
operator=(const puzzle_c &)puzzle_c [private]
problemNumber(void) const puzzle_c [inline]
problemspuzzle_c [private]
puzzle_c(const puzzle_c *orig)puzzle_c
puzzle_c(gridType_c *g)puzzle_c [inline]
puzzle_c(xmlParser_c &pars)puzzle_c
puzzle_c(const puzzle_c &)puzzle_c [private]
removeColor(unsigned int idx)puzzle_c
removeProblem(unsigned int p)puzzle_c
removeShape(unsigned int)puzzle_c
save(xmlWriter_c &xml) const puzzle_c
setComment(const std::string &com)puzzle_c [inline]
setCommentPopup(bool val)puzzle_c [inline]
shapeNumber(void) const puzzle_c [inline]
shapespuzzle_c [private]

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