movementCache_c Member List

This is the complete list of members for movementCache_c, including all inherited members.

getDirection(unsigned int dir, int *x, int *y, int *z)=0movementCache_c [pure virtual]
getMoValue(int dx, int dy, int dz, unsigned char t1, unsigned char t2, unsigned int p1, unsigned int p2, unsigned int *movements)movementCache_c
getTransformedShape(unsigned int s, unsigned char t)movementCache_c [private]
gtmovementCache_c [private]
moCalcValues(const voxel_c *sh1, const voxel_c *sh2, int dx, int dy, int dz)=0movementCache_c [private, pure virtual]
moEntriesmovementCache_c [private]
moEntry typedefmovementCache_c [private]
moHashmovementCache_c [private]
moRehash(void)movementCache_c [private]
moTableSizemovementCache_c [private]
movementCache_c(const problem_c *puz)movementCache_c
movementCache_c(const movementCache_c &)movementCache_c [private]
num_shapesmovementCache_c [private]
num_transformationsmovementCache_c [private]
numDirections(void)=0movementCache_c [pure virtual]
operator=(const movementCache_c &)movementCache_c [private]
piecesmovementCache_c [private]
shapesmovementCache_c [private]
~movementCache_c(void)movementCache_c [virtual]

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