assembly_c Member List

This is the complete list of members for assembly_c, including all inherited members.

addNonPlacedPieces(unsigned int from, unsigned int cnt)assembly_c
addNonPlacement(void)assembly_c [inline]
addPlacement(unsigned char tran, int x, int y, int z)assembly_c [inline]
assembly_c(const gridType_c *gt)assembly_c [inline]
assembly_c(const assembly_c *orig)assembly_c
assembly_c(xmlParser_c &pars, unsigned int pieces, const gridType_c *gt)assembly_c
assembly_c(const assembly_c &)assembly_c [private]
compare(const assembly_c &b, unsigned int pivot) const assembly_c [private]
comparePieces(const assembly_c *b) const assembly_c
containsMirroredPieces(void) const assembly_c [private]
createSpace(const problem_c *puz) const assembly_c
exchangeShape(unsigned int s1, unsigned int s2)assembly_c
getTransformation(unsigned int num) const assembly_c [inline]
getX(unsigned int num) const assembly_c [inline]
getY(unsigned int num) const assembly_c [inline]
getZ(unsigned int num) const assembly_c [inline]
isPlaced(unsigned int num) const assembly_c [inline]
operator=(const assembly_c &)assembly_c [private]
operator==(const assembly_c &b) const assembly_c [inline, private]
placementCount(void) const assembly_c [inline]
placementsassembly_c [private]
removePieces(unsigned int from, unsigned int cnt)assembly_c
save(xmlWriter_c &xml) const assembly_c
smallerRotationExists(const problem_c *puz, unsigned int pivot, const mirrorInfo_c *mir, bool complete) const assembly_c
sort(const problem_c *puz)assembly_c
symassembly_c [private]
transform(unsigned char trans, const problem_c *puz, const mirrorInfo_c *mir)assembly_c
validSolution(const problem_c *puz) const assembly_c [private]

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