assembler_c Member List

This is the complete list of members for assembler_c, including all inherited members.

assemble(assembler_cb *)assembler_c [inline, virtual]
assembler_c(void)assembler_c [inline]
assembler_c(const assembler_c &)assembler_c [private]
createMatrix(const problem_c *, bool, bool, bool)assembler_c [virtual]
debug_step(unsigned long)assembler_c [inline, virtual]
ERR_CAN_NOT_PLACE enum valueassembler_c
ERR_CAN_NOT_RESTORE_SYNTAX enum valueassembler_c
ERR_CAN_NOT_RESTORE_VERSION enum valueassembler_c
ERR_NONE enum valueassembler_c
ERR_PUZZLE_UNHANDABLE enum valueassembler_c
ERR_TOO_FEW_UNITS enum valueassembler_c
ERR_TOO_MANY_UNITS enum valueassembler_c
errState enum nameassembler_c
getAssembly(void)=0assembler_c [pure virtual]
getErrorsParam(void)assembler_c [inline, virtual]
getFinished(void) const assembler_c [inline, virtual]
getIterations(void)assembler_c [inline, virtual]
getPiecePlacement(unsigned int, int, unsigned int, unsigned char *, int *, int *, int *) const assembler_c [inline, virtual]
getPiecePlacementCount(unsigned int) const assembler_c [inline, virtual]
getPiecePlacementSupported(void) const assembler_c [inline, virtual]
getReducePiece(void) const assembler_c [inline, virtual]
operator=(const assembler_c &)assembler_c [private]
reduce(void)assembler_c [inline, virtual]
save(xmlWriter_c &xml) const assembler_c [virtual]
setPosition(const char *string, const char *version)assembler_c [virtual]
stop(void)assembler_c [inline, virtual]
stopped(void) const assembler_c [inline, virtual]
~assembler_c(void)assembler_c [inline, virtual]

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