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Notes for PuzzleSolver3D Users

BURRTOOLS was initially very much based on PUZZLESOLVER3D by André van Kammen but, by now has diverged quite a bit from that. We strongly advise you to read this user guide since there are some features in BURRTOOLS that work somewhat differently to their counterparts in PUZZLESOLVER3D and there are also a lot of functions that PUZZLESOLVER3D doesn't have. Below are the most prominent differences that need your attention:

Importing PUZZLESOLVER3D files

BURRTOOLS has capabilities for importing PUZZLESOLVER3D files. So there's no need to redo your designs from scratch, although some post-editing may be required because of the differences in handling duplicates of pieces and holes in the puzzle.

There are 2 possibilities for the holes. Depending on whether the option ``Fill outer Cubes'' is enabled or not when you solve the puzzle with PUZZLESOLVER3D, you must either make the inner cubes of the result shape or the whole shape variable if you want to get the same results with BURRTOOLS. This can be done with the tools described in section Constraining Tools. With these tools you can make a shapes inner or outer cubes variable.

The duplicate pieces are handled automatically. BURRTOOLS adds all shapes to the new puzzle and marks the duplicates. The unused shapes are marked as unused and can be deleted if they are not required.

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