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This user guide is written from a procedural approach. Rather than sequentially describing the elements of the GUI and their functions, this manual guides you through the program the way you should create your first design. Terms may be briefly repeated at several places in the text.

Throughout the text the following fonts and notations are used:

Roman: This font is used for the main text.

Roman Italics: Italics are used to emphasis words or sentences in the main text.

Roman Bold: Used for titles, subtitles and concepts.

Sans Serif: Used for elements of the GUI. The same wording is used as in the GUI.

Sans Serif Bold: Used for elements of the GUI and indicating that an in-depth explanation follows.

CAPITALS: Used for program names and puzzle names.

Typewriter: Used for file names, directories, URL's and code examples.

[Typewriter]: Between square brackets. Denotes a keyboard command.

→ Followed by a link: Points to more information on the subject.

A note regarding the screen-shots in this manual. They not always belong to the very latest version of the program. Only in the sections where a certain element of the GUI is explained you can be reasonably certain that the image is recent enough to contain the elements explained. It is just too much work to always keep all screen-shots up to date.

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