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Importing Assemblies as Shapes

With this tool it is possible to create shapes out of a set of assemblies of one problem of your puzzle.

When you choose this option a window will pop up, which looks a bit like the window in Figure Assembly Import. A few of the options are not available in all grids and might be missing in your actual window.

Figure: The assembly import window

The Window contain the source problem in the top. All assemblies of this problem are taken and converted into shapes.

Below you can select, if you want those new shapes added to a new problem, to an existing problem, or to no problem at all.

If you want to add the new shapes to an existing problem you can choose to which one

If you add the shapes to a new or existing problem you can define the range that the pieces get in the problem.

Finally you can filter the shapes using several filters. All the conditions of the selected filter must be fulfilled at the same time. The filter conditions are connected with a logical and.

The following filter conditions are available:

Drop disconnected shapes
Shapes where you have 2 or more voxelgroups that are not face-connected with one another fill be dropped

Drop shapes with mirror symmetry
Shapes that have a mirror symmetry, that means shapes that can be flipped over and still look identical are dropped

Drop all shapes with a symmetry
Only completely non symmetric pieces are kept

Drop non millable shapes
Only pieces that contain no inside corners are kept. This option is only available on the cube grid

Drop non notchable shapes
Only shapes that can be made with a saw are kept. This option is only available on the cube grid

Drop identical shapes
Only import shapes that are different from one another. It might be that the same shape can be build in different ways with the building blocks you defined. If you don't want those identical looking shapes check this box.

You can choose a range out of how many voxels the shape must consist. If the new shape contains more or less voxels it will be dropped and not get added to the puzzle

See chapter piece generation for a usage example of this feature.

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